Save Your Horse!

A Horse Owner's Guide to Large Animal Rescue

Save Your Horse

Approximately two percent of all firefighters have learned this specialized training (or one trained responder per 400 horses in the US; 1 trained responder per 2000 horses in Canada). According to experts, the most critical safety issue at the scene of a large animal incident is the responders' lack of knowledge of and experience around large animals. Untrained responders coupled with uninformed veterinarians and injured horses is a recipe for disaster!

Don't jeopardize your horse, yourself or your responders! This book will teach you AND your responders how to be safe and keep your horse alive. Now in its fifth edition, this book has large type and a large size to make it easier to use in low light and is filled with drawings and photos!

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Horse Awareness and Safety class

Horse Awareness

This CD-Rom is designed for emergency responders and anyone else who wants to learn about horses. It introduces people to horses, starting in a classroom setting, then moving into an arena for a hands-on introduction to live animals in a controlled and safe environment. This day-long class includes scene assessment and safety, horse behavior and how to "read" a horse, emergency first aid, and barn fire safety.

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Introduction to Large Animal Rescue for Horse Owners class

LAR class

This "Teach It Yourself" class is designed for horse owners who are interested in being prepared to remove or help remove their horse from a life-threatening incident. Intro to LAR gives you basic information to help you work with the emergency response system in your area. This class is a significant addition to the teaching tools of CERT and Equine Management instructors, and fire departments, and provides invaluable information for horse owners everywhere. Hands-on practice helps reinforce lessons on tying an emergency halter and harness. Information includes removing a horse from entrapment, barn fire safety, and safe trailering.

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Emergency First Aid for Pets class

Pet First Aid class

Based on traditional CPR/First Aid classes for humans, this "Teach It Yourself" class is designed to be taught in a classroom but is also useful for the pet owner.

Learn how to handle life threatening emergencies as well as wounds and splinting, rabies, euthanasia, and dealing with disasters.

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Calling all Volunteers!


As part of our mission to bring safety to ALL, we would like to translate our classes and books into as many major languages as possible. For instance, we have donated the LAR book and all classes to several Humane Societies and rescues in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, these products have just gone to English speaking countries because the language barrier makes teaching difficult.

A French translation means that countries like Bonaire and Haiti, Rwanda and Vietnam will have access to this class.

If you know Latin Spanish and would like to translate a class or book, please let us know. It would mean that Central and South America, as well as the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Cuba would have this knowledge. It would also mean that poor Hispanic areas of the US and Canada would benefit.

According to Wikipedia, the top ten languages are Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi/Urdu, Arabic, Bengali, Portugese, Russian, Japanese and German, and of course English. We have English covered, but welcome help with the others.

Send us an email detailing your interest to Languages The animals of the world will thank you.

Red Jeans Ink

Bringing you quality products that save lives - of horses, of pets, of people.

Red Jeans Ink's missions are to offer the highest quality animal safety products and to disseminate safety information to ALL, whether you are an animal owner or an emergency responder, shelter volunteer, or are just interested in learning this valuable information.

Our pledge is to treat our customers with dignity and respect while promising the highest level of information in the broadest assortment of venues possible.

Red Jeans Ink offers you ways to be prepared for your horse and pet emergency care needs. If you are involved with a riding club, horse, dog or cat association, a youth group such as FFA or 4-H, disaster preparation group, humane society, or horse council, check out our classes. They make safety education fun and interesting. They're great fund-raising events too!

Do you live in a remote area?

Can't afford to bring in outside trainers?
Do you have the skills to teach, but not the class material?
Need a fundraiser for your rescue group, or a community service project?
When you can't get training in your area, "Teach It Yourself"!

Red Jeans Ink has entered the exciting world of Online Classes!

We are offering a new online course entitled "Equine Safety and Rescue" at Equine Studies Institute and Horse Courses Online.

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Now you can learn about equine safety at home. This course is approved for college credit at Breyer State University, and as an elective in the Professional Certification programs. Check out the websites for more information.

If you don't want to teach your own classes, we'll do our best to find you an instructor!

Also available are hour long talks on disaster preparedness and barn fire safety. For details, Contact Michelle.

We welcome your comments and questions. Please let us know how we're doing, how you are enjoying our products, and any helpful suggestions you may have to help us and the animals we serve. Write to us at Comments