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Save Your Horse! A Horse Owner's Guide to Large Animal Rescue is dedicated to the author's mom, Jean,
whose indomitable spirit can be found in her family members.
Jean left our world a sadder place with her passing in March, 2015.


After a lifetime of studying OPH -- Other People's Horses -- Michelle got her first horse in 1990. Austin the Wonder Horse -- an Arabian breeding farm reject -- launched her into the horse rescue field. Austin was followed by Sara, his sister, then Chief. Austin and Sara and a string of other "rejects" went on to new "forever homes" but Chief lived with Michelle until his death in 2007, one month shy of his 34th birthday. All the rescues are now gone, the last leaving home in the Spring of 2011, but Michelle saves a special spot in her heart for the wonderful horses who shared her life for so long.

Upon retiring in 1999, Michelle narrowed her field of rescue to Standardbreds (harness racing horses) and is still active in rescue through the development of a rescue website, http://staplhorse.tripod.com, which has been turned over to younger and enthusiastic rescuers, and a West Coast mail list.

You just can't learn too much!

To satisfy a love of learning and an interest in medicine, Michelle became an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and a CPR instructor, as well as becoming involved in disaster preparedness in her community, completing half a dozen American Red Cross classes and approximately twenty five FEMA online classes in disaster management. This led to becoming a HAM Radio Operator, a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) instructor, and to developing an Advanced CERT Workshop, a "pet" component for CERT, an Animal Disaster Plan for her county, and, of course, her"Teach it Yourself" classes : Horse Awareness and Safety, a horse basics class, Emergency Pet First Aid and Introduction to LAR for Horse Owners, that uses her book as a textbook.

Being a Horse Safety Specialist has led her to online instructor work with the University of Guelph Equine Guelph and an online class for Breyer State University. Equine Safety and Rescue is approved for college credit at BSU and as an elective in the Professional Certification programs.

Michelle has begun to take her knowledge out to students, teaching her classes and speaking about Disaster Preparedness for horse owners and barn fire safety.

Michelle lives in Ontario Canada. If you meet her, ask her about her five grandchildren, Riley, Samantha, Cassie, Hannah and Avery!

Would you like Michelle to write an article on Large Animal Rescue for your publication or speak to your group?
Contact her here Add "Contact Author" in the subject line.