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Release of Liability
 Pet I.D. sheet
 Large Animal I.D. sheet
 Personal I.D. sheet
Release From Liability Pet I.D. Large Animal I.D. Personal I.D.

Please download and fill out our animal identification sheets .

These handy sheets will help you identify your pet - large or small - after a disaster, can be used as a "Lost Pet" poster, and confirm you are the owner of your pet -- not an easy task if all your identification has been lost in a disaster!

We encourage you to use these sheets and pass them around to your local animal groups, disaster groups, and fellow pet owners. They're free, and they might save your pet!

We have also designed a Release From Liability sheet you can download and fill out. Share this with your horse–owning friends. Encourage them to fill out the form as much as possible beforehand, and keep with their horse's disaster kit.

To be even more prepared, its a good idea to have a Personal I.D. sheet. Fill out one for each member of your family.

If you have a document that would benefit others, send it to us!

We proudly carry products designed to keep you and your animals safe.

Do you live in a remote area?
Can't afford to bring in outside trainers?
Do you have the skills to teach, but not the class material?
Need a fundraiser for your rescue group, or a community service project?
When you can't get training in your area – "Teach It Yourself"!

For more information on Large Animal Rescue, please visit the LAR website.